Sunday, January 3, 2010


Woke up at 9.30am this morning and had half bowl of prawn noodle and loh mai kai for breakfast. After cleaning myself and repack stuffs like laptop and toiletries, mom and I finally took off to IPGM at about 11.30am. I seriously do not want to leave home yet. I still want to have fun and travel anywhere I want to = (

So...we reached IPGM at 1pm. For the first time, I drive our Kancil car..I never drive car ever since I got my license. So...yay~ I drove car~(lol...). Oh yea, on my way, coursemate Rina texted me message saying that Mr.ASU has not receive my email yet. Well, I did send, but there is no notification that it has reach his mailbox tho'... So yea, others face the same thing. No matter what, we had already sent it to him, okay..

All right. So I unpacked my stuffs until about 2.30pm then took break and went for lunch with mom. Then...after lunch, she sent me back to dorm and...left me then...So.... I cleared off the other half of my luggage and stuffs. I officially finished cleaning and clearing at 4.40pm. That time, I had already ironed my clothes for next day, bathed and washed clothes. Then I went online and came blogging =3

My other motive:
-Summarize my blog entry from the day of semester break until today

I guess I will not be having roommate for now = / Mehh...I miss roommate Su Fan...
Anyway, see you people around~~~

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