Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food from everyone~

Hooray~~ We've got free breakfast from Mommy Umaimah~ xD Banzai~~~~

There were nasi lemak aka Fatty Rice and also curry puffs~ Coursemate McJust and Wana ans also myself ate a lot xDD since three of us finished task early xDDDD
Yummy~ thanks~~ >w<

And sort of free lunch too >=D from coursemate Wana... Guess what, cupcakes from Wondermilk 8)

In the box~

Lovely cupcakes~

*tak sampai hati nak makan xD*

Sho kiut >w<

Went for jog in the evening :3 and I fell down.
Nope, I did not hurt myself, but almost = / no injuries but I've got some...I dont know~

Pain pain ; w ;
do not want scar on palm-