Saturday, 23 January 2010

Unhappy Day

Okay, we had a fcuked up Saturday because we have to replace class for Chinese New Year. What fully fcuked up was not because of the class, but because of the lecturers.
First we had SS class with Mr. SA. I did not fcuked up because I did his assignment, but others yes..kind of....
Then ES class with Madam Roslin. She talked about our coursework stuffs. Well. It's like this... In groups of not more than 5, we need to act out scene(s) from Macbeth in 20minutes. Y' act within 20mins and we need to manage our lightings, props and stagecraft items are not easy. In my opinion, all 5 need to act to get marks but who is to take care of stagecraft? Definitely we cannot handle these with 5 people only. We need whole class to help out. So we/I were saying that, why not we combine all the groups(means all the class to act out) and act the story out. Because anyway when each group uses 20 mins and all the groups perform non-stop, the total time taken for our class will still be more than one hour, so why not we combine, that's much easier.
but oh well...they would stick to the coursework "rules" saying that there should be not more than 5 in a group, hafta perform in 20mins, act out scene(s).... Meh....I still do think that we cannot do it.... It is really tough...

yes..that's the first. Second one was, she told us that some lecturers out there said that J8 TESL-ians are mean to other people, unfriendly, boastful...whatever that cannot go straight into your ears and if pass through, you will heat up. Guess what. I said "THEY are the ones who dont even know us, so WHY are they saying us like that?"..... Why dont they come and observe us, THEN only comment on our behavior? I bet they overheard from some fcuked up people... Damn it weh..I hate being accused

Okay..third thing was, during L. Dev by Mr.ASU, he sort of like keep on shooting Tyna's presentation. Eh, halo. People are presenting, we trainees can understand, why cant you? If YOU are the one who dont understand, please ask pleasantly. You can tell people that 'you must pay attention when someone is talking' and/or 'when someone is talking or giving speech, you mustn't talk or else you wont know what the person is talking' then why didn't you pay attention? How come we can understand but not you? It was so clear that Tyna was talking about response to conflicts, why are you keep on "shooting" and make her clarify stuffs? It was good enough for us to understand, what are you trying to do? OMG seriously you spoiled our day even more, you just added the salt into wound. And thanks to you, everyone left Kompleks Shantan already. And we had to study for extra 15minutes. Do you know how important is 15minutes to us?

Fourth...Owh well, thanks to 3 tension stuffs... My mood is spoiled. And yea, today is a Saturday. also a resting day, why are we studying....


I hate this fcuking Saturday

Tyna..when she was doing her presentation

Oh, live on with a smile. Oh ftw?

Oh yeah, no one's paying attention

........oh lol?

Oh..btw, we followed Thursday timetable, which ermm...we had PJA. Today it started at 3pm. And it ended at 4pm xD
And at night..., we had Speaker's Corner committee members meeting. Well...discussed about problems raised in the past week and solutions. Umm.....I forgot what else... xP

Ahhh.....busy weekend! OAO Sobz..

2 comments: said...

very busy weekend~
mr.ASS surely knows how to shoot people with irrational questions~ ftw!

vivian said...

still bengong about this weh...haiz....