Saturday, 23 January 2010

I watched Tooth Fairy~

Oo hey~~~
A nice Friday yet another tiring day~!
Kind of like..muscle pain due to sports I guess...

Forgotten to bring my own water bottle so I bought a drink~

Then this was taken by Wana in the cafeteria during lunch time

Me: Gimmeh a biiig hug~ :3
Ting: Owhkay, here I come..

In the afternoon, Ting and I hung out together for movie xD We watched Tooth Fairy xDD Bwahahaha It was really funny xD Usually if Ting and I watch comedy movies, she would laugh louder than me. But this time I laughed louder than her xD
And hey~ I like Randy in Tooth fairy! Smexy look..kind of.. >_>" But hey, I discovered that he sort of look like my favourite boy, Hongo Kanata 83

Owhmaiigaaaaaa ><
I will post their pictures when I found similar pose of Randy (Chase Ellison) and Hongo Kanata (especially in Himitsu no Hanazono). Mmmmm~~~~~~ * w *

*flies to sky*
Oh btw..,
thanks to Wana's mama for the dinner~~~~

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