Saturday, 23 January 2010


When Tuesday is a petanque day,
what day is a Thursday?
Well, we have GERKO on Tuesday, but on Thursday we have PJA~
What do we do on a Thursday afternoon?

Well, we put on our GERKO shirt and get ready as early as 2pm and go to the field at 2.30pm and have sports. YES. 2.30pm for sports.
Oh well, do you know how hot it is at 2.30pm? And..go for sports? Do you even know anything called "UV (aka ultra violet) ray"? My, my....... I do not like Sun...
Owh well, luckily it was not very hot today xDD

Oh~ some J8 TESL-ians~~


Me xD

*act like a kid* Momma, momma~~!! Look! It's me! I am in blog!! Look!!

Today was so tiring =( sobz

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