Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rainy Day

O hai~
Hey~ I am addicted to 2 Messenger Plus sounds xDD One is Piki-bibik, and one is bbbbbbbbb-蠟筆小新(Crayon Shin Chan bbb-ing jingle bell song while bathing), such that I made these sounds in my class everyday xDDD

In the evening, I went for...hmm, kind of like jog..with Wana and Ting. We ran round the big field once then Wana headed for volley ball, and Ting for tennis. Then for me....nothing~ I went on jogging lol... The first round was jogging non-stop and second to fifth round were half jog, half walk; but mostly jog. Yea...and having fun going round and round the big field, it rained suddenly when I was jogging for sixth round.

Kind of like....."Geez....why must rain pour down at today..?". Then walked back to tennis court to meet Ting and Wana... So.., we walked back in the rain. How pathetic. "Romantik konon... xD" And the most f**king thing was, I was wearing white, and it was raining so heavily. Yes. Gawd dammit....

And I took this while I was waiting in my room for toilet/bathroom usage..

Oh, Im wet....sounded so wrong xDDD


Rayray said...

vivi~~~u can crossplay d~~~
looks so bishie in this pics~~*sound wrong too*

vivian said...

mmmm~~~~ i wanna cross too~ be mine, rayray xD

Rayray said...

i'm always yours~~~XDDDDDDDlol....*sound wrong again*

vivian said...

mmmm~~~ >w<