Sunday, 17 January 2010

A weekend here

I had fun time with mom and grandaunt yesterday =) They came all the way from Teluk Intan and brought me wander around in Ipoh xD I had lotsa fun~
I wanna go back home =w=
sobz... TTwTT
ToT wuwuwuuuuuu....

Photos I took yesterday morning

Belongs to Roommate Su Fan, though she had graduated TvT ..I hath no rum-met.....

Oh, I remember this shirt....*look into the photo in my wallet* >3 chuuu~

An injured bird I saw yesterday ; n ;

I bet it hurt its wing ; n ;

Oh, before I forgot... AG drew me this...

A non-extreme yaoi scene :3

And what do I have for Sunday?
I had been doing/summarizing Social Studies notes since noon until almost evening..and then typed essays for English Studies and Moral Education. Oh yeah? It was kind of bored anyway....
My dinner? Sponge cake from La Boheme...

I am eating now actually..seriously, it has nothing to do with the photo below. I just wanna show xDD recent desktop background...I changed 2 days ago..I think

From this image * w * I love it so much~

I am loving this one too~

Oh flyfly~~


Keiichi Niwa said...

What a ...........


wallpaper..... xDDDD

vivian said...

extreme punya i tak berani letak "yet" xD

masahiro said...