Monday, January 11, 2010

Clashing Classes

Today was another boring day.
Meh.....yea, kind of boring anyway = / camwhore in class

And there was one "funny" incident happened... Today, we had got our new timetalbe. So, before this, we should be having Language Description for double period, which was from 11.30am until 1.30pm, and Basic Mathematics 2 from 2.30pm until 3.30pm. But NOW, we have Language Description for single period only(11.30am until 12.30pm) and Basic Mathematics have been brought forward from 12.30pm until 1.30pm.
But no lecturer enter our class after recess. Then, at about..*check phone* at 12.44pm, I received a phone call. It was from an office, which was then connected to a person known as Miss Tang.
The first person who crossed my mind was..Miss Tang Hooi Joo(already Mrs.,my mom's friend >__<") and the second one was Miss Tang Sook Kuan(my former Chemistry teacher in secondary school). But think again....Owh..this is my Maths lecturer xD I have never seen her before >__<" She is our new lecturer.

She called and asked, to confirm if now is her period. So I double checked and confirm with her. I said "Yes, now is Basic Maths.", then she told me that..she was unable to enter class today. I wondered and thus I asked why... She said...

She bumped to Mr. Ahmad Suhaimi on her to our class. BUT. Mr.Ahmad Suhaimi refrained her to come to our class *FTW?* And he sticked to old timetable, which means, he will enter our class instead of Miss Tang. In order words, we will need to find a free day and replace. Sort of like..replace class for no reason. Miss Tang said claimed that she does not want to quarrel with him.

Well. Izz, the monitor stood at the door, awaiting for Mr Ahmad Suhaimi, with timetable in his hand. Kind of like..not wanting/welcoming him to our class. But who are we? We have no power. Who are we to tell him to go away....

*skip...dont wanna say*
Mehh.....Kind of boring now..lolz.. Oh, there's one question:

What facilities would you like to have in our maktab?

Open to everyone. Or just list down whatever facilities you people have in your colleges or universities. = ]


Shahril said...

well,, i love tennis courts and i would like to have more tennis courts with the spotlight, so that we can play during night...
Miss Tang is very nice person..
u shud be glad to have her as ur Lect.
try to be nice to her then u know the real her...
btw..send our regard to her..from TESL A..
she was our math lecturer last sem...
and we had a great time together last sem..

vivian said...

*note down* okie, thanks for sharing =D
hope to see her soon xD whee~~~