Monday, December 7, 2009

Bodyline Seifuku

Today I woke up early and went for breakfast with mom. Oh, by the way, my Seifuku arrived this morning before we went out =D Whee~~~
Dropped by at the place I worked before. Anyway, congratz to Peng, she's pregnant~ =D Hope it's a boy~ ^^
So after we got back home, I took pictures of it ^___^

So yea, see me in it on 20th at SP ;)'s only once a year.. xD pfffttttt...true wat, I dont wear this all the time. Like Im gonna wear that in maktab... zzz =__=

So in the afternoon when I was lurking, Sparda shared clips with me =D

They are worth watching xD so please watch xDD

And yea, I fixed Rui's headphone last night, again =w=

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