Monday, December 21, 2009

Kagene Rui at CF 09

Finally, the day everyone has been waiting for~!!!! ToT
Been woke up by other roommates at 6.30am, wanted to continue to sleep, but could not... So I did not sleep. Owh, I was in same room with Tsu, Mig, Molly, and...MeowMeow :3 Molly woke up first because she needs 1 hour to makeup, adn followed up by Tsu. Then Mig wanna bath....but it took her like one hour later to bath =w= If I knew, I would go and bath first.
So since Molly and Tsu needed to prepare to Toshokan booth, so they went off first. Then left Mig, Meow and I to go together.
When we reached the CF area, it was already past 10.30am. It was so crowded >w< When I stepped out of the escalator steps, Guki-chyan was like "Vivi~~~~*wave*" xD wah.. xD Then walked further down and saw Rayray nee-chan *hugz* and there I saw my Sayang xD Yo~~ ...Eh? Then followed Mig and passed her Tsu's stuffs, because she left it in the room, due to dokidoki-ness, I presume xD Then, I went to change into my costume.

There, I met Choyuki aka Angie aka CHO~~~~~~, and Chiko aka Lynn aka CHII~~~~~~~~ xD Chii's back was facing me but Cho's was not. So that time was still curios and I said "Cho~~~~~~?" *Cho and Chi looked at me* and they went "Vivi-nyan~~~~ =D". Ahahaha~ Then took out costumes and changed into Karin's..Did some light makeups and asked Cho to apply eyeshadow for me. Mehh... xD Then, straight away went to meet my Sayang and others near the escalator. *Saw Fahimi aka Sparda* hmm... *pretend not to see*. Chat with everyone since it has been sommmmmme time (everyone, but not Sparda?). Helped my Sayang with makeup, but I guess it was very light xDD Yup, very very light xDD Then, after I was "free", looked around *saw Sparda*..*looked at other direction*. But after that, I had migrain. It was still okay at the beginning. But later..I really felt like vomitting. No appetite for lunch lawl.... And Mamoru aka Mamoko kept on telling me story, and more heeadache I got...

Surprised that Mom, Vince, aunt and uncle came later. Lurked around, but not in the hall. They dropped by a while only..... Then at about..1pm something (I think), I went in to hall. Lurked around here and there xD clinging with my Sayang here and there..blablabla......

Then few hours later....I really felt like vomitting ady.... Luckily my Sayang suggested to change to second costume. So I was glad...*took bag and stuffs out of the hall*. Took my costume and rushed to toilet.. *LSJDFKhiohiohioriowghiognoigjjojWOIHOI* Okay, I dont feel sick anymore =w= *change costume* And blablabla.....done >D

Feel good~~~ Camwhored~

*wonder if I look good in short hair*
Wig creditz to Mieko~

Then, WeN and I went in to the hall together. Suddenly, we heard the emcee said something about Dai_Spammerz and called us to get ready. I was like "Heh..????" and WeN "Ehh???". Then rushed to Ryuu's booth but he was not there. He asked Kimiko to phone him, but his phone was at the booth TwT Then went to find other members. Some were at the side of the stage already. *excited*

So yea...that was all. When we got up to stage, other members started to go up too xD and in the end it was so crowded @@

So.......after the event, I went back home first. I thought Tsu and the rest had already gone back to room, but I was wrong. Walked back a lil' bit further and took key from Tsu. She had time to ask me whether I had eaten or not, so yea.. Then asked me whether I had bath or not.....And she *long pause* "Oh yea, you dont have key..xD" Lol.. xDD

So I went back to bath..cleaned myself and my stuffs. Then went to iron my costume for next day. When Tsu and the rest came back, Tsu and Molly had yaoi photoshoot in the toilet. Dave and Gin from next door came to see too xDD tired~

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