Thursday, December 3, 2009

The route to CF~

Nico Schools performing Dont Say Lazy! from K-ON

Streamyx has been giving trouble since last night... It will disconnect by itself and when reconnect back, it will not be able to. *sigh*

I noticed that this month I am so broke! OAO Btw, Hannah aka Mami-chan suggested me to stay at Kay's house.. So currently waiting for Mami-chan to talk to Kay when she online...hope can settle this as soon as possible..*then i can save hotel money xD*

And was discussing with some other people about cosplaying K-ON....can consider that we are confirmed xD I will be doing Hirasawa Yui.....*long pause* ahaha XD >_>"
So..hope everything goes smoothly. We're planning to do during Animangaki..

So, God....please be kind to me for this time. Plase make all the events in 2010 fall on holiday weeks...>___<

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