Sunday, 27 December 2009

Solution Undone

My Teddy-chan has become headphones hanger D:

Hmm.....yes. Take a close look at my picture above....
Yup. I cut my hair short...

Hmm...well...... People do cut their hair when they are heartbroken, dont they?
...But, just make it simple. Assume that I put my trust on hair stylist to cut my hair....
Anyway, it suits me, isn't it? ...At least I feel it's okay....

So I will live on with a smile on my face...

Ermm......yeah. I had settled my complicated problem..the BGR....aka Boy(s)-Girl-Relationship.... Hmmm.... I realized it's hard to say out things..because it will cause heart ache to both people.
....I skip.

Sorry for what I have done....

So....some camwhore today = /

Bleekkk =p

..I learn to appreciate you
Yes, I do
And I will grow stronger
To get over these if you are not here

__________________________________________ family went for lunch with Yee Xin aka Michelle 's family at Hutan Melintang (ps..Hutan Menegak does not exist) in a seafood restaurant. Her family members are friendly. They serve me food one after another >__<" In the end I was so full. Very,very full.. So...when I reached home..I went online. Online for a moment, searching for some material... Then I offline, and played Pokemon Sapphire. I could not get pass through cave and rocks so I asked Vince to help me out, since he called himself Pokemon Master =____=   ------- lol 8D

But he does not know how to help me lol....... So I went online to look for guide, and found what I want. It was all in description, no illustration =3= *feel boring to read =3= * But I managed to pass through the obstacle in the game. So.....played and onlined until 6pm something, then I off, due to period pain *god damn me D: *

So after I cleaned myself, and I ironed my costumes. has been a week after CF ya... All the costumes and stuffs plus my new Return to Zero (RTZ) costume given my friend. Then I packed my luggage for tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I will be heading to Cyberjaya by bus. Nothing much to say tho'...

This afternoon I thought, and already assume my problem has settled... But things proved me wrong at night.

+++ The End +++

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