Saturday, December 26, 2009


So today...yea, Pokemon again =w= Nothing stops me from loving it
; v ;
Here, I'm giving some screen shots again : D

Lol...Battle Girl Vivian..... Vivian VS Vivian DDD:
These few days, I am lost.

I am lost in the world.. Not in the game =w="" What I am saying is true..
I am sure of what I am saying now. I am involved in Triangle Love.... D: Yes, I am not lying. I have been kind of emo these few days because of this. He who tenders me for all I am...and the other He, who shows me what I want DDD:
Mehh....I am confused. Seriously... I do not know what to do.

....I want Teddy to stay with me..., now and forever :3 I will bring it to my wedding day :D

"You used to call me...just to talk...he does that now.. but for some's not the same." - Brittaney Thayer H

I feel so bad.... D:
I dont wanna be greedy... =( And I am sinful, I know....

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