Friday, December 25, 2009

Mimi-chyan and Pokemon

First of all, Merry Christmas =3
This year Christmas is different from previous years'. Although I am alone this year, but I celebrate and pass my time with Mi-chyan. Mi-chyan arigatou~~~~ ;w; Usually I will elaborate and state things in detail about stuffs happened. But....I guess this time I will have to skip, and remain these as memories. If not, people will misunderstand =3=
So...let screen shot explains all :3

Yes, this is Mi-chyan. Our Fahimi =3 aka Mimi-kun aka Hihi-chan xD

And yea...spent this Christmas playing Pokemon Sapphire :3

: D

Lol...pretending to be gym leader xDD

Let's Double Team xD

And yea, I restarted the game. I chose Torchic as my primary Pokemon. I love fire type Pokemon =D

*clap hands : D *

Torchic's evolution~~ : D

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