Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Hello Kitty Heroes


I was angry and upset over "some" people due to stupidity and insensitiveness over what happened to other people. It is the best to think as the third person in such situation and I just could not stand it. So I ignored people at that time.
So I was kind of like..playing webcam with this friend of mine *name will not be mentioned lol xD* to..release anger? Meh....I felt a lot better after chatting with this friend. So hereby I would like to say, Arigatou Gozaimashita~ *deep bow* ^^

And look~!! My favourite Hello Kitty had turned to something else D=
1. Superman

2. Darth Vader

And for year 2010, I might not be able to attend any ACG event for first half of the year, due to business in maktab... For June onwards, I cannot promise anything yet because I do not know what will happen.
Yes. I am not lying. I have prove.

Screen shots taken from facebook.
Shout out posted by Mrs. Umaimah aka Mummy.
Click to enlarge.
Second screen shot depicts program in April. We will be having an English Camp.
D= So yea.....I'm sad too =< I want to attend GACC so much T^T

*heart been broken into pieces*
*cries and run away*

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