Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fun and Tiring

Slept until almost 4pm today xDD
Webcam photos that I missed yesterday

COD-ed items during CF
Nyoron Petite Figurine~~~

The Front and Back

The contents

It came with 2 mangas~~

The Figurine~

Mogi Ice-cream Stick Phone Strap~

CF Day2 ticket (this is not a COD-ed item 8D)

Pikachu cap *regret buying xD*

SONY Headphone >D

Attached to lappie already~

Happy Tung Zhi Day *dont know what is the correct spelling xD*
I miss CF~~~

Purikura photos~~
*Luckily I remember before I publish post xD*

My favourite~

Everyone looks cute~

ps: I was being kissed? xD

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