Tuesday, 22 December 2009


....Lazy to get up due to tireness...
Left room quite early today compared to yesterday.
Saw Exo, Beat and Izumi. And Mamoko too xD Chat with 'em..Then saw Miyuki.Sadako aka Hannah aka Mami-chyan~. *ran and glomped xD* Kinda early, and not many people. Lurked around with people~

Had early lunch with Kimi, Kimiko + Ku-chan, Zend and *i dunno who* and Evey + sister tagged along later, at Pizza Hut. Then lurked back in the hall. Luckily my Sayang have not gone to exam yet >A< *great sigh* Kimiko and I were then asked to take care of Ryuu's booth ._. So..okay~ Since I had nothing to do.
Lalala~~~ Nothing to do~

After a while went Purikura with Kimi, Kimiko, Evey and Niki =3 Happy~~
Hmm.....gonna skip some-lah..lazy to write >_>"
So crazy and busy on stage at the end of the event xD here's one

And camwhore with Fahimi aka Mimi-kun aka Hihi-chan *runs xDD*

I did not edit this picca because I dont know how to edit xD
Oh yea....from this angle, Mi-chyan (new nickname xD) looks scary to me xDD

And another one

So....everything was fun~
Aunt picked me up at 9.40pm at Sun Inns. Went back to Semenyih and reached at 10.30 pm, I think..... They had a pet : D They have a cat~! xDD


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