Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Fixing Headphones~

Yo~ These are the pics after I fixed the headphone yesterday

Off *please do not mind the background (I have messy house lol)*

And today, I mean this very early morning, where Sun has not come out yet, I woke up in the middle of the night..because I had severe stomach ache. I thought I could hold on until next morning. But everything proved me wrong, and I rushed to toilet at 5 or 6am something. IT WAS VERY PAIN. RAWR OAO

Then..woke up early this morning and had breakfast with family (: We ate Mi Rebus (I think we call that mi rebus lolz xD). And next, we went to visit Grandma. And then we went to buy durian. So when we reached home, noticed that I needed to go to PosLaju office to claim my parcel. Wondered what was that.

So....these were those I received. Tadaa~~
This pair belongs to my friend =D

And these are mine @__@

That's not all. I still have, I need to place order for Soul Eater's lens *I havent place order yet*. And this week, I need to go to PosLaju office for another 2 times (or maybe once) to get my parcel if I am not available.. That will be either I am still sleeping, or maybe went out.

And in the evening, I fixed Rise's wig by obeying Taka's instructions. But it seemed like it got worse xD and in fact, it would be good if I did not fix it. So, I fix again the part where I fixed xD So...it had gotten better now =3 Karin's wig looks shiny, but mom says it looks oily =,= *or maybe it IS oily, so it looks shiny 8)*

So I wonder if I should wash Karin's wig again.... =<

And I found out that I had isomnia recently =( I could not sleep if I go to bed early. And this stomach ache problem =A= everything messes my head!

And I am still waiting for price quotes for so many things!

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