Sunday, December 13, 2009

TTGL Doodle~

I went to bead early last night =w= but I could not sleep =A= *cries* T^T *felt bad* Fell asleep at after 4am I usual, that's my sleeping hour T^T

Woke up at 7.30 am and went to morning market with mom =w= Then came back home at...9am like that? Then surfed internet until 10.30am. Meanwhile when was having breakfast with mom, I looked at the calendar and freaked myself out lol. Not about CF, but this time err....hmm. Okay. Nah...I will skip this.. xDD So, and then went out again, and bought broadband =w= yay~ finally i has beruk beng =w= xDD *lollol* For lunch, we had nasi kandar. Today's rice was specially too much *__* Too full.....

After lunch, it was only like 12.30pm? *forgot* I switched on lappie and lurked on my own pendrive >_>" browsed TTGL piccas. And found a suitable one...which is this:

So I drew this out myself.
Strictly NO TRACING. That's my policy. I hate fakers. =w=

Err....roughly almost the same picture of process-la >_>"
So the end product..
Almost done

The real end product
Btw i edit the bottom part >_>"


Nia loves Simon
and I love you >w<
Happy 7months Anniversary xDD

So yea...TTGL is still the best...Btw, look at Simon, so cute~ >w<

Let me repeat my words.



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