Thursday, December 10, 2009


CF is just ahead of us~! It is coming very soon~
I finished watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann today.'s awesome. I do have spoilers about the story, is more emotional when I watch it myself. I hate it when Nia dies... Hmmm....yea, I am sad about that. Somewhow it got me addicted too. Especially when Shimon(Simon) says "My drill is the drill that can pierce through the Heaven", I will point up to the sky like how he does in the anime(without his drill xD). Seriously, TTGL is one of those best of the bests. My rating, I give 5 out of 5; full mark. AWESOME!!! *thumbs up*

Ngeehehee... I have not watch the OVA and first movie tho'.... I guess I will watch it tonight if I have time, or tomorrow, if I dont. Roughly, I know the storyline of the OVA since I have read the manga xP I am eager to watch both xD And still searching for movie2. Damn it!!!

So...hmm.....I have several things that I wanna say to people, but I dont know how. So difficult to say.... But I know I need to tell as soon as possible..
So...hmmmmm....I dont know~ But I must tell.
Yea.... Must get rid of these weariness as fast as I could...

Btw, wanna share a movie, shared by Jun..quite interesting =3


WeN said...

dear~~~is not "my finger is the finger tat can pierce through the heaven" drill ^^ drill is the drill tat can pierce through the heaven ^^

vivian said...

hai hai, wakatta >3