Thursday, 12 November 2009

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Poster

Made business today >D helped friends to photostat xP

4 customers....private business okay..... xD

And later in the afternoon went to Ting's room to paint poster for English Studies coursework.. There were myself, Ting, Wana, Anastaassia and Ezzah...... Ezzah and Anastassia came late..
Anyway, these are our pictures...

*our seriousness when we paint xD*

Anastassia came late for almost an hour...and.. sorry to say if you are reading. But we think you ruin the whole drawing

Came late for almost an hour And went back after one hour. We just decided to tear off the part you painted. Though the paper got thinner, but it was still strong. So I repaint it. Left over that could not be rub/torn off

Some small touch up by Ting

Almost done

End product~

Hereby, Ting, Wana, and Vivian would like to apologize to both Anastassia and Ezzah, because we dont think you two contributed much. And if you had heartfeeling, sorry. This is what you deserve, what you are feeling now is what Erma gone through too.
Bye~ Take this as a lesson ~
*felt as if i flamed both of you*
Sorry ya ><

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