Sunday, 8 November 2009

Plaster Because of Pimple

This morning we had English Studies class with Madamme Roslin at 8.30am.. Woke up pretty 6.45am 'cause Coursemate Wana, Ting and I planned to go out for breakfast at 7.30am. But Ting could not make it because she did not think she can wake up at that time. So only Wana and I. She took me on a bike ride xP Whee~~~~

We had roti canai at a mamak stall nearby maktab. I drank "pull-tea" aka teh tarik xD and Wana had *i dont remember*. Then cycled back~

Our class delayed from 8.30am to 9.30am, and shifted from Block L to Academic Block. Gosh...I was having serious headache >< I guess I had migrain..... Help!!

After class, we had lunch at a stall outside maktab. Few of us, Ting, Jannah, Ikin, Wana and I. When we're walking back, Sun stroke strongly >< Headache!!!

Then....when I was in room already, I started to print my courseworks stuffs - Language Description and Social Studies. When I was almost done, Coursemate Wana came to my room to do her coursework. Soon later Ting also came. *So I did not nap ><* So tired already =(

It's 8.07pm now....and they are still doing xP Some stuffs that I wanna share:

Put a plaster..because I cant stand it anymore.....Thank you, pimple xD

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