Sunday, 29 November 2009


Happy Birthday Ryuu~ aka Taka

Etto etto, let's see~ This morning I woke up at 11am something, and Vince was watching barbie doll show on TV3 *lolz xD* Oh ya.., last night I went to bead early, and I could not sleep =3= I turned to left and right, curled myself, and various poses but could not =3= I was thinking to go online back, but I did not. Somehow I managed to sleep-la >D *ha ha ha ==*

Then..after I bathed, mom fetched me out and dropped by PBHP. Well, today was the break camp of DYC. So...went there to "see" people. The new committee members all looked dumb == *lol* This year's chairperson was different from the years before. Before this was Sis. Ong, she had been doing since her graduation. This year was Bro.Steven. Nyahaha >D advisors suggested me to become the chairperson next year XD Well, only if I have gain enough confidence XDDD I tend to speak too fast if I have script xD

Next, we headed to Grandma's place. Nyuu~ Everyone headed for lunch at SeChuan Restaurant. Penang relatives came along too xD Rachel ish still shy~ Especially when there are many people. Lalala~~~

After that, mom fetched me to "hang out" with her groceries. Haha, then dropped by at BSN to check whether allowance had been banked in or not. So, the answer is, not yet. But I withdrew money because I ordered some stuffs xP *evil laugh*

And then at night(or, in the eevning), I washed my wigs >D the red wig was easy to handle. But the brown one, which is curly, was kinda troublesome xD But at least now it is smoother compared to before I wash it =3 Vince was like.."You seem like care those wigs much more than your hair"..Lol xD

And oh ya.....I noticed that my phone's camera function had gone insane D= it cannot capture photo nor record video T^T Damn...what is wrong with it? T^T
And a change of plan..Aunt Janet&Uncle Richard will not be around during CF. So I need to find my another aunt. Or maybe I will stay in hotel with Tsu and the rest.

I want to eat durian tomorrow =w=

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