Saturday, November 28, 2009


Happy Birthday to Wana~

I slept at 4am last night and as a result, I woke up at 2pm today xD *felt accomplished*. But somehow, I felt sad *lolz* because I did not break my sleeping record xD My record was 2pm too, it was back in one or two years ago xD All thanks to my sleeping eye mask 8 ) Every times if I wear that to sleep, I can sleep well and wake up late on the next day~

And the funniest thing was, when I was standing in front of toilet sinki, wanting to wash face, brush teeth.., lolz..........I mistaken my facial foam with tooth paste! 8D *wth.......*

SO today....I downloaded some stuffs. One of them was Bluetooth driver, but it does not work D= *sigh* Wanna download one TAT Then..downloaded Pokemon songs...xD Whee~~~
*long pause*

Nothing to say already. Aunt Janet is coming back tomorrow~ Yay~ Can meet Rachel and Jonathan~ xDD Rachel is cosplay trap! High potential~ but she is a shy girl~

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