Friday, 27 November 2009


Ola~ My Naruto ninja shoes arrived today; arrived when I was still sleeping and no one at home =w= . So as usual, my daily routine was, after I cleaned myself in the morning (which was actually already noon, lol), I went online, reading manga. Up to todate, I had read 144 chapters of Naruto manga, pretty impressive eh? xDD I actually thought I stopped at the part where Gaara was kidnapped, but I was wrong xP I had read further than that before >< And I was not very sure though, so I read all over from Shippuden first episode @@ But I was progressing fast within these two days.

The ninja shoes were loose >n< *cries* I had difficulties to walk T^T So I do not think I can make it if I order a new pair now because I will be needing them in 3 weeks time =( So I was thinking to order after Comic Fiesta event* and sell off this loose one... because I usually wear M size shirt so I ordered the shoes size M too DX And most probably Vince will not participate in cosplay =3= so..yeah, I will sell off.
*sorry, no pictures*

So in the evening I tried out the whole Karin's costume together with the shoes, with makeups. Sorry but I'm not being "perasan", but I looked nice lol xDD I do have bunch of pictures in my phone, including those fan-service ones xD but, all of them gone when I transfer from my phone's memory card to the..whatever thing we call them that looked like pendrive =w= God, damn "sakit hati"... so that's why I say sorry no pictures..*stomp floor*

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