Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I woke up at 12pm today as a result of sleeping late >D I went back to sleep after knowing that Vince was in toilet *bladder full at that time >< * And then waken up by Vince because he blew-dry his hair in my room. He blew towards my feet =w=

So after I cleaned myself and everything, I went online. Seemed like Masahiro became my laptop's saviour xD Thank you so much ><" Hmm.....lurked around in the internet so and so.. Recently Sparda has been my new chatting buddy xD *I am still afraid of you*
Today I started reading Naruto manga again from I stopped last time. I really had forgotten when and where did I stopped >_>" Encouragement for this all goes to Sparda >< *I am still afraid of you*

And today I came across a news about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann aka TTGL, which is, the second movie was released some time ago, but not known in Malaysia = ( Kind of dying to watch it...xP *sigh*
Then umm.....*look at time*

It's 10.52pm now. I could not sign in to MSN = ( I think I will restart laptop after I publish this entry or listening to The Hiatus's songs. Ouch to myself.....
And one thing I wanna share today xDD

As I read back Naruto Shippuden manga, I felt so kinda emotional during the..Naruto fights to bring Gaara back. Emphasis on the illustration where Gaara was alone since last time until now, while Naruto has Iruka sensei, team 7, other teams and senseis and then Godaime and Jiraiya. So sad that Gaara ish alone TvT I was tearful at those moments TvT

So yea...that's all for now or today~ *I have another almost 200 Naruto manga chapters to read* xD

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