Tuesday, 24 November 2009

MSN Infection

This morning I woke up early and went to visit grandma..
err...today was another boring day.. I downloaded The Hiatus's songs today.
hmm....placed order for lens, for cosplay+daily purposes..
Anyway, Hinata cosplay plan is confirmed and on! Hmm..on the other side of my mind.....I thought of canceling Mitsuki cosplay plan,again..(for second time).
Hmmm.... if I really wanna drop off Mitsuki, I guess I will replace with Hinata on day 2 of GACC 2010..

Mitsuki's costume is about RM 200 like that...And Im not sure about Hinata's.. Im joining Sparda's Shippu!Konoha Gakuen-Den version as well.... >3 Yay for us~~~

And my MSN was infected by virus >A< I scanned the whole laptop, and took me half an hour...*sigh* msn virus...luckily not laptop.. Or else, I need to bring it to re-format DX Scary ish scary...... Thanks to Masahiro and Sparda... First Sparda pm-ed me with a "shock" emoticon..and I thought what happened... Then Masahiro pm-ed me and told me.... That's when I scanned.....

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