Monday, November 23, 2009


Today I practised Abracadabra far I did 15% of the song =3=
Vince lended me his headphone 8D but ears kinda itchy =3=
But it's okay. Im gonna have one soon, very soon >D whee~~~~

Say..until today, I had not started writing diary that mr ASU told us to write...xP
I sent out Wana's lens today. And...

I dont know what to say....Im bored..
Oh, I had decided, I want to cosplay as Hyuuga Hinata next year...because..
I agredd Izzy to cosplay Karin without considering anything. Until recently I noticed Karin is not who I like. My first choice was still Hinata. Back then, Hinata was taken...... So..after CF, I guess I will sell away Karin's costume? Im not sure if anyone wants it >_>" And same for Rise too...Mamoru convinced me. But never mind already, it will be over soon. I dont feel like cosplaying Karin and Rise on CF... Because they are not my favourite character. If I wanna cosplay my fav character, it's too late for me to place order. Batch orders have closed down, I cant make it... Same goes to wigs orders
Anyways, I had asked for price quote for Hinata's costume. Not only that, but I also asked for Nia Teppelin's too earlier. I edit my post at the thread xP bwahahaha

Wig price for Soul is still pending.., then..Len's wig, Mitsuki, Maka had been informed.... Hinata's wig is pending, and I forgot to ask for Nia's wig price TxT God damn me....

Hmm...then today I downloaded GReeeeN's songs via....i dont know where.. xDD yay~~ New songs from GReeeeN~ I also downloaded Pokemon's songs >< hohoho~~


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