Sunday, 22 November 2009

Kimiko and Dance

Last night, I promised Kimiko blindly that I would help her in her dance in, I will join her dancing @__@ And after that, she gave me he dancing link.
And I actually regretted promising her. Because the dance seems so difficult TwT She also called me to invite WeN to the dance... Mami Hannah Miyuki told me WeN wont leave me alone ><" I dont know if he wants or not... And I dont know if I can drop out from the group xD anyway, I had started practising tho'... and in my opinion, might as well just finish up the practise and help.... T^T

So day I was freaking bored...Online, eat, laugh, smile, walk....all bored me.....
And roommate Su Fan sent me a message at Facebook = )
Then....nothing special =S

*just remembered i need to write diary for mr.ASU*

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