Sunday, 22 November 2009

Back home

I woke up at 10am today and straight away sms Masahiro and chatted with him. Until 10.40am I got off from bed and went to bath. After that, I cleared up some other stuffs that I did not pack yesterday.
I left out yesterday's photos

Mr ASU, slept while students are presenting speech..lolz

And my final camwhore in first sem

Mom and Vince reached at 1pm. Seriously our car was so packed..And dont wanna mention at all xD
And reached home at 3pm. So tiring~~~~~ Then clear up my luggage again. took me almost 2 hours. But anyway,
Home Sweet Home~~~
I was with Roommate Su Fan for this semester only..she's gonna graduate this year end. I did not take any pic with her =(

Never mind that first....
At night, I had..char kuey teowwwww for dinnerrr >D
And as usual, I onlined until middle of the night ><"

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