Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hilarious day

Today was another boring day....
Someone brought up the case about the..we drop Alia and Ezzah in our group discussion thingy... comment about the case. So let's forget about this..

And during recess time...after we ate, I saw a cat on a tree. It was not moving. It sat still, so I guess it was afraid if it falls

And below it, below few branches, another cat. It was trying to go as high at the first one. But it was afraid too

Meanwhile, there was another cat, not on the tree. It was crawling silently.....
And it jumped to the same branch as the second cat. The second cat flinched and it almost fell off from the tree. But luckily it did not, it hugged the branch upside down...(like a bear). Then it finally stablize itself on the branch again.
So it was angry with the third cat, and wanted to call for fight.. The third cat seemed to be a timid cat too, even more timid than the second cat xD

To Be Continued...
XD I went back to class already xP
There was no lecturers after we all were like making noises here and there..blablabla..... And saw AG drawing thing
Our AG, with her natural talent

Failed to draw Nia Teppelin...haizz.....sad sad...

This afternoon, I took my pretty nap after tired watching Great Teacher Onizuka live action. So tired.....and I escaped to my Dreamland again..... I think I must really reward this week as The Best Week (so far) in Year 2009 xP So after dinner with Wanah and Jannah, Jannah nudged me when we were passing a garden, she asked "Hey..., is there anyone there?". So I looked to my left... Yes. There was someone there. All right. It was getting dark, that person was an Indian, not tying hair, sitting on bench. I was like..."bulu roma menegak". fearful. I was "*laughing* Takut nyer~~!!!!! *laughing* Betul ke ada orang kat sana~~~~~? Dia ada kat sana lagi tak? *lauging*". Freaking crazy...

Gawddammit....>___< My eyes were like kinda watery. Really scare! Not even the eyes can be seen! OMG!!!!!!!

Sometimes I think I am straigh forward, until I did not notice others' feelings. I bet it must be hurtful ya..... And I bet, I gave people bad impression that I am rude or disrespectful. So I wanna apologize to everyone for what I had done or said. Sorry~

Mmmm..talking about this. I started to behave this way when I was 14. Yea, I admit that I am rebellious at that age due to peers in my class. I changed a lot. I wish I can be like my older self.. Haha....

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