Wednesday, 18 November 2009


And so...the presentation was very good. Glad.. xP And then...I took a picture of myself..webcammie picca

The one on left hand was the original one, and right hand I rewrite, for clearer sight xD because I simply scribbled on the original one.. xD was nothing ><"

Then, in the afternoon, Wana and I went out to Jusco, just for the sake of banking in money for her lens order. Well, the person whom I order lens from told me to bank in today because she would like to post them out on Thursday. I was actually kinda eager because the actual deadline was on Friday. But I did not make it due to TESL Night rehearsal and pratise and all sorts of things. So I told her that I would bank in on Sunday. However, on Sunday, I did not go out because I was tired due to TESL Night >< So...yes, by hook or by crook, I have to go out today and bank in.

So, we reached Jusco, and I told the taxi uncle to come one hour later. So...rushed to the Cash Deposit machine. But......what I saw on the screen was..... "OUT OF SERVICE". Then I was like....*please imagine in a dramatic situation:* so hopeless. I went to the machine and stared at it. I....raised both of my hands. And I hit the screen >A< and whacked the button *lolz* saying "woei TAT". *wth*
Damn it...................... *feel so pitiful* God is bad T^T


Foodz I bought today..
Big Apples... =w=

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