Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Final week for first semester~~~~~ yay! I seriously cant wait to go back home.
I started to miss mom's cookings T^T I wanna eat all the foods that she cooks. And it feels like it has been really long time since I last ate noodle XDD

We had no exams for the first and second semester *because we are TESL-ians, so we are special xDD* So we are very free these few weeks. But the lecturers are busy and have not been entering classes. Even trainees from other class came hang out at our class.

And the good thing is, we have been given free meals from Mrs Umaimah aka stepmother aka Mammi Umai. Though those were left overs, but it doesnt seemed like one xP we ate them. Those who went out early for recess missed it xD

We were so free in the afternoon because there was no lecturer. So I hang out at Coursemate Wana's room (upstairs of mine) then Coursemate Ting tagged along. We chatted the whole afternoon >_>" Until evening, we watched movie; My Wife is Gangster. After the movie, we watched Twilight. We switched another movie. We watched..Wrong Turn 2. Luckily I survived till the end of the show. But it was kinda full of.."kecut hati" gestures xDD

Then after the movies we went to bed..Wana and Ting had not gone to bed yet. (Jannah was with us too during the movies). Then...when I almost fell into my sleep and wander in Dreamland again (for third round today xD), suddenly Ting phoned me. I was..half asleep, dont remember what she said. Then she knocked my door again. And called me to go to Wana's room.

Okay, wakatta. Thanks to someone irresponsible, we needed to stay up at night to do preparation for presentation. Owh No~~~~~!!!!!!!! My beauty TTATT xD Damn it.
My brain could not work out to think for ideas. Sobz....luckily the preparation lasted for one hour only. We were done with it and settled. Then sleep........

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