Sunday, 15 November 2009

TESL Night

We had the 3rd rehearsal this morning. I wished I dont have to wake up so early.... And everyone was not punctual...*sigh* Then, we had another rehearsal this afternoon. It was the 4th time =A=

While everyone was still taking their own sweet time, I took crayons and scribbled things randomly..

Then, I saw a sleeping cat under a chair~!


*slap neko's face 8D*

I wished I can nap too T^T

Neko-chyan, I wanna sleep with jyoo~ >A<

SO nice to nap >A< T^T

Okay. This is the last pic of cat =w=

And then, the moment we had been waiting for arrived.... TESL Night
But Ting and I went late purposely because we knew everyone would not be punctual lolz.
And after makeup makeupz.... ermm...kinda look awkward in pictures

Photo creditz to AG

And a yuri picture 8D

Any J8 trainees, if you have my picture(s), please send to me via mail or bluetooth, or just tag me at FB. Thankies~~~

The performances were not bad, except for my first performance. Wouldn't wanna mention it tho'.... Then second performance was drama....haha, nice ; )
After all these, while lecturers were calculating marks for the shows, we were entertained by 2 live bands. The first one was Furelise *lol...Beethoven's symphony no.5?*. It was friggin' _)(*&^%$#!@#$%^ The moment the vocalist sang, it was outta tune, outta key, everything. Whutta FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. *bengong....*

Second performance was by Senior Shahrul/Shahril *...dunno how to spell his name >_>"* It was awesome! Everyone screamt, including the boys. then I saw AG scream too, and I said.... "AG, fangirls are scary =w=" then she LOL xD

Hope to see more piccas~

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