Thursday, 12 November 2009

TESL Night Preparation

We had drama practise at night for TESL night programme on Saturday.
*ALERT: spoiler*

Theme is Environmment. Our story is about a little girl who got lost in a jungle and met Bear. She also met Tiger and other animals. One day, 2 hunters came and shot down Bear. Tiger and other animals came for revenge. One hunter died and another one ran away. While the girl was crying, a fairy god mother came and resurrected Bear. Animals rejoiced and the end.

Bear(Prince Choki Choki)= Arief
Little Girl(Joy Ah)= Syazwan
Tiger(Ree-maw)= Ting
Hunter 1= McJust
Hunter 2= AG
Fairy god mother= Vivian *headdesk*
Animals and trees= others

Script writers= Arief and Izz
Narrator= Tyna
Music director= Izz
Prop managers= Everyone
Costume designer= Vivian * *bengong* *

Pictures I took...We had rabbit ears and stuffs for fairy god mother already, and also masks for other animals.

*close eyes*

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