Thursday, 8 October 2009

Roses and Friends

*this entry is full of pictures xP*

Last nigth, Roommate Su Fan came back with her birthday present which he boyfriend promised to give her..2 months ago. Yea..delayed for two months

Her present is meaningful =3 Because, the roses were made of papers instead of real life plant (due to=roses symbolizes hsi heart, so when if rose dies, it means his love for her will end just like that. Whereas if it's paper, it's eternal =3). There were 99 roses, arranged in a shape of love. And in it, there lied I *love* U, in 3 different colours. Damn romantic >A< And Roommate Su Fan asked me when will be my turn to receive 99 roses xD I said "ME???? Gahh.....I dont know my EheEhemm la xD". Then, she exaggerate "I WAITED FOR 5 YEARS!!!". *Owh..okay...X__X*. Anyway~ I guess they will engage after they gradute this year end =3 happily ever after~~

So..what's for today?
I made Izz pin up his fringe..


Today's camwhores~

Mirror shots xD

New water bottle xD *thinking how many have I collected so far xD*

Unit Head of J8

New camwhore gang xD

And another victim of the day xD

Camwhores (again)

In the Guest room

Izz: dont sleep with me ah... i shy shy...
Aqmal: La....dont la shy shy *look up* Aikk....Vivian and Ting staring at us la...
*Arief came in*
Arief: Oihh!! Wtf is wrong with you two??
Aqmal: No la, I said I wanna kiss Ting
Arief: Huh?? *took out PSP*

Arief: Apa cakap Ting? Sudikah anda?

ps: Part of the conversation is true xD

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