Saturday, 3 October 2009

Wish List

Mamoru and I were chatting about gatherings that will be happening end of this month. Well, talking about birthday, mine is just few weeks away. Mamoru wish I will be able to go for Halloween Party in Malacca with him. There are some matters arising tho'... Anyway, there are also few things I would like to have.
So, I had kinda make up a Birthday Wish List for myself xP

1. Chest Binder
Yes, this is for my cosplay plan =) I eyed on the RM140's for noobiez xD

2. Ball Jointed Doll
This is the one I like from the very beginning >A<  RM1666 *zomg~!!*

3. Nyoron Churuya-san Figurine
RM98 excluding shipping. Limited edition, came along with a colouring book in it

4. Infanta Rose Garden Blouse
RM 220.... 8)

5. Infanta Spring Sunshine Blouse
RM 220 too

6. Angelic Pretty Pony Magical Bag
RM 410, both are attractive >3

7. Rose Melody Alice Dreamland Skirt (poker print version)
RM 310

8. Rose Melody Rosa Aroma Skirt
RM 320..Elegant xD

9. Rose Melody Melody Rosa Chandelier High Waist
RM 345, pretty ya? xD Pretty skirt is pretty xD

10. R-Series Dark Victorian Skirt
RM 350, Limited Edition.....but sold out already TvT

11. R-Series Chrono Cruise Jacket
RM 435.... Kondona!! >A<

12. Kagamine Rin; Return to Zero version Cosplay Outfit
Yea..... 2010 Cosplay plan xP

13. Maka Alban (Soul Eater), Ballroom Night Gown
Not in Cosplay Plan list, but like it..might wanna cosplay this version too xP

14. Maka Alban, Meister version of my 2010 Cosplay Plans xD

And the Weapon...ouch... ><

15. Maka ALban, Casual Night version
Lalala~~ Yes, yes......another 2010 plan too xD

I need wigs for the cosplay plans too xD No pictures, sorry xDD
Well.., some of the items in the birthday list of mine are not necessary (of many skirts do I need xD). But the cosplay items are Must s for me xP Gotta save money for the cosplay, and seemed like I shall not purchase Lolita first *sighed* (the Pony Bag can be used to match with Loli tho'...).

*long pause*

Ya....maybe I should stop eyeing Lolita for the moment...until I retire from Cosplay...which might not gonna happen these few years. And thanks to bloodiful allowance which we receive, it is small amount. If not, I would have place orders for those..blouses and skirts.....and Lolita stuffs too. And all the poison*. Damn tempting... Mom said if I really wish to order stuffs, place orders in December (: and do not touch the money for these 2 months. By December, I wouls have enough money to buy whatever i want *evil laugh xDD*

*sigh* Anyway.....maybe some things... "A dream remain as a dream".
Could not expect much in life because it is short. Too short for anyone to dream for things.

poison* = cute stuffs from Choco Mint for instance, Cute Plush items and also Bear at Heart teddies

Btw, I'm into Hello Kitty again >< Save me~!!!!!

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