Friday, October 2, 2009


A red kebaya for the closing ceremony of Raya celebration. It was freaking warm and the Sun ray... Oww am gee...I just could not stand the heat. I squat down and just be under the shade of others >.< And college staffs set firework(s). This was the best one..

Well....we were very free today (: And during recess, in the cafeteria, on my left was Aqmal, and right was Ting, and next to her was Izz (opposite me) and next to him was Arief. We were chatting about a movie-I Am Legend. Izz captured a shot of me.
ROFL to my expression xDD

Ting told them to watch the Moon tomorrow night =) it is going to be beautiful~ And I spontaneously supported Ting by adding some...err...irrelevant information. I said "Yea, that's right. Full moon, shiny stars *something came across my mind* and then Son Goku turn to a gorilla.." and before I could even continue (on Sailormoon xD) Arief went "PFFTTTT!!!!!!". I was like "Uh....I..said something wrong or...what...?" and I just kept quiet. Izz was like poking Arief so that the food he was chewing threw out. When Arief settled down, I told Izz "Haven't you heard of Kakashi Sensei in Naruto saying that the same technique won't work twice on the same person...?". Hmm....anyway, is this one of the effects if we watch too many Anime? xD

After recess, there was no lecturer. So, some of us went to the guest room opposite our class. And we went crazy in there xD Look at this~! :

Yea, I was and am naughty >D


Aqmal and Ting

Myself again = ]

And these two below...
I just could not resist myself from laughing xDD Ting did not know Aqmal was behind her and she did not know I captured the photo xD

And I followed Mr. Zul came back to Teluk Intan today = ] Owh well, due to my printer == Anyway...good to be home again xP And yea, I did notice that I did not update my blog for a week. I was planning to finish up photo editings first >
Happy Me* Festival~!

* my name means full moon xD

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