Thursday, 29 October 2009

GERKO camp summary~

A long day after Pangkor GERKO camp... Here's my briefing~ :

20th October (Monday)
Everyone gathered at bus garage at 8am, everyone was eager to go for the camp~ Well, the funny thing was, I overheard a sentence, it said: "Weh....ko ada bawak iron tak?"
RORL... Okay then~ The buses arrived at almost 9am.. So late == Then....we headed for breakfast, near Ipoh Stadium.. God damn it....the place was so dirty. (*&^%$


We finally reach pangkor jetty at about 1pm. We took our ferry, blablabla.... And then reached camp site....had a lil' briefing and then lunch. And after our lunch, another campus trainees arrived. They were from KL, IPK Bahasa Melayu.

*I dont know what to write*

After dividing ourselves into which tents wer'e going to stay, we had..sorta like Water Confidence activity... Yea..went in to sea... Nah...just like that. Kinda okay for first day.

At night, we got into groups of 4 which we ahd equally divided ourselves before the camp. We designed our logo and theme and alll those kinda things. Izz was the group leader. He called me out to explained the logo and everything. Meh.... xP
And this night was my group to guard the whole camp site. And needed to cook for breakfast tomorrow morning. So....guarded until 1am T^T and then went to prepare things needed for breakfast... And went to sleep at 2.20am....

21st October (Tuesday)
Woke up at 5am. Started to cook >D Myself and other coursemates made fried rice *...made?* xD Owh well...editted for some reason xP We had morning exercise and then breakfast..And after that, kinda had a walk to Teluk was like umm....within 10km away from camp site? We walked through the hills....bumpy roads...Steepfulness of the road...owh gawd...Just roll down the road.. *WTheck am i saying?* Then when we reached Teluk Nipah, out of group of 4, 2 groups went for rafting and another 2 for snorkeling.

Certainly, my group went for snorkeling xD And of course, I guessed I'd put lotsa sunbock. We took a small boat to Coral Island and were given a task, that was, to look for sea cucumber. Owhkay. Sea cucumber is back in colour, slimmy, and can make girs say "eww....". So yea. I pretended to search for the sea cucumber xD *so bad xD* And after that, we went trekking to another side of the island. There, we really snorkeled. Floated on the..somewhere further away from seashore but not middle of the sea, and looked into the sea and what you found? Not treasure box xD but you could see fish!! XD We were there for about half an hour then swam back to the shore. The wave pushed us towards the rocks and quite a number of us cut ourselves. Guess what, my wound on my left eg, which had grown new skin, is now cut open again, thanks to the rocks T^T *emo for some moment*

After snorkeling, we rode back to Teluk Nipah. Rested while waiting for our lunch. So meanwhile, Coursemates Ting, Erma, Jannah, Rina and I listened to Wana telling ghost stories >< Some of them were really creepy.

Hmm.....after lunch, we started off with briefing on rafting and the other group for snorkeling. Rafting was supposed to be fun. But due to someone in my team, gahh...ruin my mood. After finishing the raft, we sailed it on the sea. tiring... We returned back to campsite by public van.

Hmm.....I had sunburn...It was not obvious when I was under the Sun, but my face especially nose had gotten red *ps: I did not applied on my face cz scare my face would be oily xP*

22nd Ocotber (Thursday)
In the morning, we had orienteering around camp site. Used compass and did this and that. I was so tired but luckily my coursemates all went away because we had to cook for lunch. So after lunch, we had outing around the island. I did not but any souvenir because I lended moeny to Ting earlier...and did not have enough moeny already xP

At night, we had called "Malam Persembahan". My class did something spontaneous..Was not systematic and organized, I presumed. However, the surprising thing was, our performance won as the Best Performance. I was like "pfftttt!!" and asked "the best whutt????". Kinda bad xD But we did enjoyed ourselves X3

23rd October (Friday)
We had feedback session in the morning, I represented J8 trainees. Whoah... It felt good xD *cough3* Of course I did not talk about the bad thing xD only good ones.
We left the island before lunch. So tired...we slept in the bus on our way back~
And reached campus at 3pm.

Did laundry and night we revealed our Angels *A game, mentioned several times before* And I was right. my Angel was Xandria~~~ are some photos that I managed to capture~

Ting's Angel...Senior Ivan (and she thought his name was Ai Wen xDDD)

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