Friday, 16 October 2009

Kucos wig

Hey yo~ Guess what. I onlined in the midnight until 6am~! ROFL!! Broke my own record ><
And when I was asleep, I could not hear a thing until at 11am, there's a phone call. I did not even know it was ringing (my cell phone was in my room as well). In the middle of the song then only I woke up. And noticed got two sms-es too. 'nyway, the call was from brother. Then I continued to sleep...until almost 1pm.

There was parcel for me but I did not know. So....went out to claim the parcel in the evening, since no one's at home this afternoon except me. So cosplay wigs arrived = ]
*took pictures very much later*

My progression on my injury:

And took the pictures of wigs at night =3
Karin's wig


And this pic....kinda.........weird. Because....I see "weird" thing in there ._.

And Rise's wig..... needed to be styled. So yea, I am waiting for my wig comb, wig treatment, wig spray, wig stands and umm....*forgot already* to arrive, then I can adjust again. The back is like so messsssy.
So....I will camwhore "properly" when I have time xP


Tony Wan said...

Wah..... Red Red..... LMAO....

Dropped by :D

vivian said...

thanks =D