Thursday, 15 October 2009

Hari Terbuka Asrama~

Today has been a busy day~
We had class until 1.30pm. Then 2.30pm, we had err.....jamuan?for the ermmm....hari Terbuka Asrama thingy or whatever it was.... xD We ate until like 4pm? Then people walked back to dorm. Well, we had laksa, fried mee, syrup, cheap cakes xD and some kuihs.

Owh hell....the laksa was so not like laksa at all. It totally suckz! DX And the syrup did not even taste like syrup!!! Eww!!!

So...after that, trainees started to visit each other's blocks. Yea, males to females and vice versa. Roommate Su Fan was not around the whole afternoon, she went out shopping >.< I went bathing after I rested for a while, and then did laundry. Luckily no one knocked the door of my room, because I was not in the room xDD But I did heard noises knocking people's doors and it was like Along came to get money XD

Well, at night, we had another jamuan. It was a farewell party for the final year seniors (OUM). So boring waiting for food, so why not camwhore? xDD

Black and White xP

Anastassia and Ezzah

Ting, with her novel

Our unit

Aqmal lent me his spectacles XDD

ps...act cool a while xD

Final shot for tonight xD *smack myself*

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