Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Down~

I woke up at 6am and after I bathed, I continued typing for EI folio. Luckily many lecturer were not able to come in to class. I went back to my room to print aallllll the materials during lunch break. And finally... handed in at 2.25pm. Luckily I was not the last person to submit xP's over......
*point to the sky*
**********, dont give so many coursework and dont make the due date same.

So...when I went back to my room..put down my bag..and went to bath and after I bath...*look at pail* "wah....clothes since Sunday afternoon eh......So many clothes to wash!!" xD And I went to wash..handwash, was not using machine xP and it took me one hour and fifteen minutes...haha..... Then after hanging those clothes, swith on lappie and wanted to go online...It has been sometime xD But sadly, no line ==

So....transfer pictures to lappie and edit..since I have nothing to do already =w=

A picture for myself


Next,at 7pm, I was supposed to have dinner with Ting, but she...was still sleeping. Sleeping soundly...I wish I have time to sleep xP And thinking of dinner, I was soooooo freaking hungry. More than 24hours I fasted. Lolxz. No time to eat xD
Well...later, I helped out Ting with her coursework. Nyaa~ finally....I felt freedom T^T

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