Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wrong Assignment

Submmitted Thinking Skills coursework folio. Down to two more, which made me..almost insane?

I continued typing for L.Des coursework folio, since I left last part only. And I finished it at about 6pm. I skipped dinner, because I did not want to waste my time..though I was hungry -w- So I continued with Emotional Intelligence coursework folio. At 8pm, Aqmal gave me a call and I went to cafeteria. We needed to discuss for presentation next day, I called him to bring along his EI folio because I wanted to refer. And I told him that I would be there for one hour only, that's it.

So I flip through his folio and asked him many things regarding the folio. I actually..kind of confused. And asked him to tell me everything, how to do, what to write, this and that. So....I..*speechless*

Well, thanks to "someone", thank you for making my life so miserable, thank you for creating problems to me, thank you very much for not telling me everything, thank you very much also for being a so irresponsible person, thank you for every single thing you did.

Knowing that almost folio was wrongly done..and out of the.....anger? And whatever feelings I was going through...omg, i cried....smack myself for crying =__= *sigh* cried for like..almost one hour? Really..damn-it........ I wonder if that "someone" purposely did not tell me the important details or what.

I went back to my room at 9pm, still having tears..Gahh.....redo everything..and I stopped after I could not stand it anymore. It was about 75% done. I slept at 4am

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