Thursday, September 10, 2009

Assignments and Laptop

Roommate Su Fan came back earlier than expected, Ting and I were still rushing on Thinking Skills coursework. Luckily we managed to finish it at night. Everything was settled, and we needed to submit it tomorrow. And right after that, I continued with my Emotional Intelligence coursework.

ps: still have time to camwhore..lolz

I did the coursework until...almost 1am? I stopped doing EI coursework after I got pissed with my microsoft words, because it lag, and I needed to type everything all over again, and because,I did not save it earlier. many pages did I need to type again? 6pages..yes. 6 PAGES.

So I continued with Language Description coursework. Well, same thing happened too. It jammed. Damn.......frustrated. And went to bed at 3am. Whatever ghosts there were, I did not care.

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