Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Library and My Hair

This morning, we had a small brief on L.Des coursework. Next, we headed to library for L.Dev class. In there, we were required to look for some books. It was about types of text and characteristics of each. I did not know what are "types of text". So I simply browsed 2 books after many of coursemates had got themselves one. I approached Aqmal and asked him if I got the right ones. He told me no. Types of texts were like...narrative text *whatever text ==*. So I went and took another book and asked him again. I got it wrong again too. Then I went on searching, and simply took a book after anaysing the content. I got it right, finally, after a few books.

After recess, we went back to class. Out of boredom, I camwhored (again). This time, I had my hair tied up. Shoot myself, my hair was kinda short and it took me couple of minutes to tie it up. And my arms were so tired

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