Sunday, 27 September 2009


I had gotten back my laptop today. *god, damn it #1*. Well, thanks to Vincent's goodie goodie friend, which I handed over my laptop to him on Friday night, and he did not fix it. Just FYI, he works at a PC shop. So he did not fix on Saturday. But he came last night and gave back my printer, he said he could finish the laptop tonight (referring to last night=can finish on Saturday night). So I was waiting damn eagerly to get back my laptop. *god damn it #2*. In the end he did not phone and said he had finished with my laptop. * ******* god, damn it #3*. I hate people like this. If he can't hold on to his promise, please dont make a promise. * ***! god damn it #4*.

So I got back my lovely precious laptop this morning and immediately started to download my must-have applications [eg. MSN, photo-editing programmes(although not a necessary one, but I want)]. And then left house at 11.50am. And thanks to momma too, she forgot to hand me money ==

Hmm....reached campus at about 1.20pm. After leaving luggages in my room, went out to Jusco. Owh well, I hanged out alone, would not wanna disturb Vincent and his girlfriend == And I bet they would "chase" me away if I follwed them == And then returned back to campus at 3.30pm. This time, I felt sad to leave, i dont know why... *and I did cried*

Then started to unpack everything and did not notice time passes so fast..lolz. *god damn it #5*. I home sick..and I cant believe this! After being here for more than 2 months, i can still be home sick! And i told myself there's only 2 months more to go *god damn it #6* *comforting myself*. Quite emo this evening.... I wanna go back home....

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