Friday, 18 September 2009

Family Outing~

*continue from last night's post*
Ya...these few days I had been very depressed or down, for no reason. Seriously, nothing happened or what. It was just that..maybe my mental was ill. Well, in Emotional Intelligence subject, I could easily say that my Intelligence Quotient is high and my Emotional Intelligence is far low at the bottom in my brain. For more information, feel free to surf for the information at Wikipedia

Silly face of mine, captured in the midnight

I ended everything at 3.10am and went to bed. I slept in Vincent's room. I supposed it was first time sleeping in his room. My room, or more specific, my bed, was rented to a school girl. So...i slept in Vincent's room. It was kind of creepy >_>"

And...woke up again at 12pm, no one was at home. After cleaning myself and everything, went online and did things. At about 3.05pm, someone's home. And guess what, Vincent anigi came back too =D Other than that, nothing really special happened. I watched him playing PC game when I was half way downloading Anime. He was playing some sort of shooting game. Buying weapons, and shooting rivals, this and that. I remembered how *dont know how to describe emotion* I was when I watched Izz playing Mirror Edge in his PC. And this time same thing with Vincent anigi too. Kind of excited... Vincent's character was hiding behind a door and..resting? I did not know what. Then....suddenly, enemy opened the door. I was shocked! And screamt!!! (It was like..someone's gonna shoot me!!!!). Funny thing was, I think my sudden scream shocked Vince..and he flinched! xDD I scared him xD lolz And then he was like "Diam lah dummy..Scream for what?!". Vince's flinch reaction made me laugh... I was hugging my bolster and walked away, laughing hard. And I laughed until i trembled on the floor..luckily I did not roll.. (aka ROFL) And I laughed until voiceless xDD

Owh yea.... Mom refrained me from spending too much money, since I had gotten allowence *sigh* She called me not to order Lolita blouses *cries TAT*
After dinner, mom and I went out for shopping. Yay~

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