Thursday, 17 September 2009

Going Home with Mr. Zul~

There was no internet connection this morning, and I got kind of moody because of this.

ps: Did I really look moody?

And then suddenly thought of someone~

And cropped this photo

Today, Grandpa Shamsul Abdullah did not enter class, and we decided to leave early. I followed Mr. Zulkhairi back to Teluk Intan =3 At first, we agreed to meet at 6pm, so after i had taken my shower after class, and also after packing my belongings, I went online. Until when it was 5.10pm, Mr. Zul suddenly phoned me, and said wanna go back now. I was like "NOW???". So...5-10minutes time for me to get ready. So rushing.. >_>"

So we left institute at about 5.30pm. On our way back, we chatted about school life, whutever things..haha. Mr. Zul previously was a discipline teacher. And he could guess things through my gestures. How unbelieveable... Guess what. I did not do anything, but he asked...

Mr.Zul: Vivian ada...paktoh spesel?
Vivian: E-Eh..??
Mr.Zul: Yang spesel punya kawan..ada?
Vivian: En...ya,ada
Mr.Zul: Kat mana dia skrang?
Vivian: Cyberjaya
Mr.Zul: Study apa? Multimedia ek?
Vivian: Ehh???? Betul tu O_O

I asked him how did he know..sounded kinda like a stalker....lolz xD He said he could see through my behaviour and gestures. I was amazed..xD
Well....chatted half way, I fell aslept xP

And reached Teluk Intan at 7pm =3 Right after I reached home, put my luggage down an everything, and then went out for dinner =3 And officially came back home at 8pm. And straight away came online xP

It feels good to be home~~~~~

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