Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Man On Tree

Hi everyone~ This morning we had class in the library >D And the rest of the day was in class.. Not many lecturers were around today, and actually, I forgot to copy last week's notes. Then I copied them in hurry, yet.. I had time to hang out at Facebook, and chat with Kay_R ^^ Well..overall, today was a happy nyappy day =3

And in the afternoon...we had GERKO =3 Lecturer briefed us on our coursework. In the middle of nowhere, Ting called me to look at my left hand side, at trees.... So..I looked, but there was nothing. She called me to see properly.... And I saw something!!!

Aww man....mangoes are cheap....why does that person need to climb up and steal?
And night, all the J8 trainees went to Big fat Sensei's house to break fast.
Yup, Ting and I fasted today =3 It was my first time fasting, and second time for Ting. Particularly, I think wind entered my tummy. >_<;" All the while I did not have proper meals nor consistent eating hours.. *sigh*

And hey, hey, hey~ Friday would be a holiday in whole Malaysia already. Yes, I can go home early too =3 This time, I want momma to fetch me home. I rang her a call, but seemed like she's sleeping =S and she said she'll confirm with me tomorrow..
Hope mom can fetch me home.. T^T

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