Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainy Day

I camwhored a lot today xD



I would like to be on cloud.. but I knew I would fall to the ground.. =w=

And i was flipping through my notebook, and found the movie ticket Ting and I went last week. *turn around*

Aww man!
I dont wanna be a lesbo!! Couple seat??? Pffttttt!!!
So..anyway... in the evening, Ting and I went out for movie again. We watched Gamers. *thumbs up* But watch until eyes pain xP And it's 18PL.lolz....
Today's outing was kinda bored..because it rained and we could not go anywhere, just inside the building. I wanted to buy new pair of sandals, but those which I like did not have my feet size TvT It's always like that.
Do I still need to buy that Sanrio Hello Kitty sandals? xD *sigh*

Btw, this is a picture of Pondan I mentioned few weeks ago.. The one working in McD... Could only capture the back..I will try to capture front next time

And this one was taken before I fell aslept last night... The arm looked like from someone else's.. @@"

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